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  • Software Applications: Office 2007/2010/2013/2016, Notepad++, VIM, MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, Ghost platform, Wordpress, and Node.JS.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2003/XP, 2008/R2/Win7, Windows 8/2012 Server, Windows 10/2016 Server, Linux(Debian/Redhat based), FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.
  • Networking: LAN, WAN, POP, SMTP, DHCP, TCP/IP, WINS, DNS, LDAP, Samba, L2/L3, OSPF, 802.1q, 802.1s, 802.1w, 802.1x, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, and VPN.
  • Security: Snort, Wireshark, Nmap, Tcpdump, Kali 2/2016, Tenable Nessus / Security Center, and WhatsUP Gold.
  • Programming Languages: Experience in PHP, XML, Powershell, Action Script, Perl, and Shell Scripting.
  • Virtualization: VMware Workstation/ESX/ESXi/vCenter 4&5. Microsoft Hyper-V.


Chief Technology Officer (Shieldmaiden LLC), (Dec 2016-Present)

  • Works with other departments to use new technologies to streamline company policies and rules.
  • Conducts research to improve the technological assets of the company.
  • Develops and directs all networking safeguards to reduce the risk of outside breaches and protect sensitive internal and external client information.
  • Develops and implements all internal communication systems, such as email and instant messaging.
  • Evaluates new technology and makes recommendations on technical solutions.
  • Manages any digital media assets.
  • Consistently evaluates technical efficiency and makes changes as necessary.
  • Makes presentations to board of directors and CEO.
  • Develops and enhances the company's website to increase site traffic.
  • Identifies competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of the company.
  • Directs the development and possible implementation of policies in instances of a breach, also known as disaster recovery plans.

Virtualization Engineer (Agile Defense Inc), (Oct 2015-Present)

  • Administers and maintains 8 VMware vCenters and corresponding NetApp storage resources.
  • Daily tasks include reviewing syslog and SNMP messages for clustered NetApp filers, VMware vSphere 5.5, HP C7000 blade enclosures, CISCO fiber channel switches (MDS 9000 series), and CommVault backup system.
  • Troubleshoots performance issues and service outages for virtual/storage/fiber channel/Ethernet infrastructure including VMware High Availability, NetApp storage aggregate/volume/qtree/LUN capacity, HP C7000 enclosure connectivity (FLEX-10), and CISCO Fiber Channel Zones and connectivity.
  • Provides performance and asset reporting and automation of administrative tasks via PowerShell, PowerCLI, HPOA modules, and DataONTap modules including: virtual hardware utilization, snapshot existence, LUN ID assignment for Datastores, log shipping tasks, daily monitoring checks for all enclosure/storage controllers, vCenter host/datstastore/VM alarms, and over-provisioning at Netapp and VMWare levels.
  • Provisions storage, virtual hardware, and modifies fiber channel network connectivity for new systems.
  • Reviews vulnerability reports, maintains patch compliance, collaborates with tenant groups for successful deployment and implementation of systems, and troubleshoots outages.
  • Opens support tickets with vendors for hardware replacement. NetApp models: FAS6070, FAS6080, FAS3070, and FAS6250's. Cisco MDS model 9000 series. HP c7000 encloures with G1, G6, G7, and G8 blades.
  • Maintains Commvault backup system to include: proper tenant retention levels, new storage policies for new systems, recurring disk/aux(tape) backups, presents and increases storage where necessary on W2k8 R2 media agents, and completes tape swaps for continuation of Auxiliary copies.

Network Technician III (Atlas Technologies Inc), (2014-2015)

  • Installs and troubleshoots Integrated Shipboard Network Systems, Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) to include SCIP-IWF (VOIP) services, CENTRIXs networks, and COMPOSE networks under SPAWAR direction.
  • Experience in configuring and integrating KG-175D, E-100, and Classic TACLANES.
  • Configures Cisco 2800, 3600, and 2800 series routers, Alcatel 7700/9700/6600/6850 Gig-E switches, and IBM Blade Centers.
  • Integrates newly installed sub-systems into ADNS and ISNS environments.
  • Implements many different switching environments such as Link Aggregate groups, inter-vlan routing, multiple spanning tree regions, and integrated networking with many different sub-systems.
  • Configures networks utilizing Windows 2008 R2 servers/Exchange 2010 on multiple hardware platforms.
  • Provides sustainment engineering and subject matter support for Server 2003/XP environments that still exist.
  • Responsible for completion of SOVT’s (Ships Operational Verification Tests).
  • Responsible for configuring and testing off-ship paths of communication, as well as internal LAN communication across all paths, and all levels of redundancy.
  • Re-designed San Diego office lab environment to include 21 ESX hosts in a datacenter cluster with multiple IBM blade centers (HS-21’s, and HS-20’s,) with Netapp FAS 270, and FAS 2020 storage, and Alcatel 9700 and 6850 switching infrastructure.
  • Completed ADNS INC III SP2 installation and SOVT onboard USS Ronald Regan CVN-76.

Systems Engineer II (Lead Subject Matter Expert) (NCI Information Systems), (2012-2014)

  • Provides engineering and design support to the Air Force ACAS (Assured Compliance Assessment Solution) program at several sites within the United States.
  • Provides script/signature development, new script testing, script and system update development, system maintenance, and other engineering support as required for the AF ACAS Systems.
  • Liaise with ESC and the ACAS PMOs on a regular basis.
  • Creates, implements, and maintains standards for maintaining Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x servers within the Virtual Infrastructure on both Classified and Unclassified networks.
  • Helps create and maintain documentation for training and review purposes.
  • Maintains all RHEL 5.x virtual servers and databases at Tier 2 West AF location to include but not limited to: Patch management, Certificate management, Script design, and network troubleshooting.
  • Created custom patch management solution during Phase 1 roll-out.
  • Lead Subject Matter Expert for ACAS AFIN (Air Force Information Network) Deployment.
  • Deployed maintained 300+ RHEL 5.9 servers at Tier 2 (INOSC) and Tier 3 (Base Level) locations.

Network Technician (First National Bank in Trinidad), (2012-2012)

  • Responsible for user experience and system availability of end-user systems, internal security, and helps facilitate business continuity.

Systems responsible for:

  • Virtualization Infrastructure (Emphasis on branch locations.)
  • Citrix/RDP services.
  • Active Directory Domain Controllers (Server 2003)
  • Anti-virus, WSUS, and Netwrix change reporting server.
  • BackupExec 10 server.
  • SQL 2005 database server for Lansweeper/Netwrix databases.
  • Surveillance systems (Emphasis on branch locations)
  • Debian servers providing file storage.
  • FreeNAS servers providing file storage.
  • Hardware – Servers, switches, routers, and communication equipment.
  • Business Continuity - Develops, documents, and tests fail over of end-user services including AD, file/printer services and banking software applications.
  • Research and Development – Helps to research, develop, and implement new ideas and technology to improve system performance, availability, efficiency, and continuity.
  • Partially responsible for after hours and weekend availability.(On-call 24/7)

Automation Technician (XTO Energy), (2010-2011)

  • Troubleshot, designed, commissioned, and maintained all control systems, electrical, hydraulic, motor controls, and communications equipment. VDF, SCADA, EFM, radios and solid state controllers. Assisted in controlling inventory of automation equipment and purchases. Worked with operation’s assisting in the daily operating needs of the field. Primary functions were doing calibrations and performing plate inspection and tank and level testing.

Network Technician I (Atlas Technologies Inc), (2008-2010)

  • Installed and troubleshoots Integrated Shipboard Network Systems, Automated Digital Network Systems, CENTRIXS networks, and COMPOSE networks under SPAWAR direction.
  • Configured Cisco 2800, 3600, and 3800 series routers, Alcatel 7700/9700/6600/6850 Gig-E switches, and IBM Blade Center servers.
  • Implemented many different switching environments such as Link Aggregate groups, multiple spanning tree regions, and integrated networking with many different sub-systems.
  • Experiencing configuring and integrating KG-175 E100, and classic TACLANES.
  • Configured networks on Windows 2003 server/Exchange 2003 on multiple hardware platforms.
  • Responsible for one to four ships at a time.
  • Networks configured: USS Wasp, USS Nassau, USS George H.W. Bush, USS Carl Vincent, USS Donald Cook, USS Hue City, USS Nitze, USS Vicksburg, USS Hurricane, USS Winston Churchill, USS Oscar Austin, USS Car, USS Makin Island, USS McFaul, USS Barry, USS Cole, USS Ashland, USS Mitcher, USS Anzio, USS Mahan, USS Monterey, USS Kearsarge, USS George Washington, USS Gettysburg.
  • Responsible for completion of SOVT’s (Ships Operational Verification Tests.)
  • Responsible for configuring and testing off-ship paths of communication, as well as internal LAN communication across all paths, and all levels of redundancy.

U.S. NAVY, Norfolk, Virginia 2005 – 2008

Network Administrator/Information Systems Security Officer (USS PONCE LPD – 15), (2007-2008)

  • Managed the Classified and Unclassified networks, 4 Intranet sites, and their operations providing guidance to both senior and junior-level personnel.
  • Consulted with executive personnel regarding equipment, and application statuses.
  • Configured and maintained 6 Fast Ethernet Alcatel switch stacks, 8 Windows 2000 Servers, 7 Windows 2003 Servers, 2 Linux servers, 1 HP-UX server, and 1 OpenBSD server.
  • Lead the effort to ensure security compliance meets Navy standards.
  • Maintained network resources, ensuring that it efficiently meets the needs of the user groups.
  • Served as Lead Network Administrator with supervisory responsibility of 5 staff members including training them regarding network administration techniques.
  • Implemented network security policies resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Network Administrator (USS SAIPAN LHA-2), (2005-2007)

  • Responsible for the supervision of ten junior–level personnel in the naval division, provide network administration training and implementation of new initiatives to meet goals and objectives; write evaluation reports.
  • Managed ADP help desk services such as trouble tickets, routing calls, and face-to-face customer service interaction.
  • Responsible for equipment updates for any type of network failure, maintenance or upgrades.
  • Created USS Saipan command intranet website; configured and maintained 17 Alcatel gigE switch stacks, 6 Windows NT servers, 4 Windows 2000 servers, 4 HP-UX servers, and 2 Linux servers.
  • Maintained database of user accounts and agreement forms in addition to equipment inventory.
  • Prepared and documented five System Operating Procedure Manuals.



  • July 30th 2019 – Candidate ID# COMP001020485273


  • December 2014 – Candidate ID# COMP001020485273


  • Bachelors of Science – Computer Network Management, 2008 – 2011


  • DISA ACAS Training, 12/10/2012

U.S. NAVY (2735 NEC)

  • Journeyman Networking Core – Systems Administration Course, 2007


  • Diploma – 2004