Vulnerability Management

A Vulnerability Management Solution is a key aspect of any security program. It is a tried and true method of revealing weaknesses in security controls. Vulnerability management is a continuous process that monitors an organization’s effectiveness in terms of identification, classification, and remediation of vulnerabilities. Without a Vulnerability Management Program in place you and your security program are exposing your organization to threats.

Vulnerabiltiy Management Methodology

Shieldmaiden LLC's vulnerability management methodology is a customer focused solution to securing their organization from top to bottom. Our phased approach is shown below:

  • Evaluation: Inventory all assets and evaluate the current security posture.

  • Tracking: Develop and implement tracking metrics for vulnerability management

  • Metrics: Identify critical vulnerability management shortfalls using tracking metrics

  • Root Cause Analysis: Implement root cause analysis to identify the root cause of vulnerabilities

  • Remediation: Identify and select additional controls to further secure the organization