Operations and Engineering

Industries across the board are using IT solutions to solve their problems. Enterprise data centers need agility, scaling, and the adaptability to change in order to be successful. Shieldmaiden LLC adheres to industry best practices in order to modernize legacy systems and increase capabilities across your enterprise.

Incident Management

The first step towards efficient operations is through a well designed Incident Management program. When critical services are disrupted, efficiency and productivity decline typically results in monetary loss. With proper planning of Operations you can eliminate potential outages by utilizing pre-defined responses to service outages within your enterprise.

BLEM Management

The role of Incident Management is to restore services as quickly as possible. However, this leaves a gap in resolving the underlying issue. Shieldmaiden LLC experts close this gap by analyzing enterprise deficiencies in operational design and processes. This allows for identification and isolation of the root cause of degradation.

Benefits of adopting Shieldmaiden LLC’s strategy include:

  • Reduction in downtime and profit loss through better handling of outages, incidents, and root cause identification
  • Incorporation of best practices adds value to both the business and customer productivity as a result of reduced downtime
  • Continual improvement and better investment decisions as a result of operational results and data for key decision making
  • Meet and exceed the organization’s security policy by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability